The Course

Cape Wickham Links sits on 160.6 hectares (393 acres) of coastal land.

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The site is unique in Australia and rare in world golf given that;

  • 8 holes are adjacent (parallel) to Bass Strait (ocean)
  • 2 other holes have greens on the coastline
  • 3 other holes have tees beside the ocean
  • All 18 holes enjoy views of Bass Strait
  • The 18th bends around the beach at Victoria Cove, which is in play.
Cape wickham - Aerial view

Cape Wickham, aerial view – click to enlarge

The land is gently undulating and interspersed with giant sand dunes and ridges. The soil is either sandy or sandy loam. Occasional limestone outcrops create further interest.

Water for irrigation is sourced from ground water below the course.

The layout at Cape Wickham is made up of three basic loops;

  • Holes 1 – 5 on the Cape Farewell headland
  • Holes 6 – 13 in dune land to the south of Cape Farewell
  • Holes 14 – 18 in the Lighthouse/Victoria Cove zone

Click here for a Hole by Hole Tour of Cape Wickham