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I played in November of 2016 with my golf nut brother. We’ve played hundreds of great courses around the world and live in Northern California. This conversation actually happened – “Question, would you give up Cypress Point and Pebble Beach for the rest of your life to play only Cape Wickham? Answer; yes”.

Kevin McGinnis, California, October 2017

Absolutely fantastic!!
Any serious golfer needs make the trip over to play this course.
And the locals are the most friendly and welcoming people your ever likely to meet. 10 out of 10.

David (FB page), King Island Review, May 2017

I absolutely love how Wickham both visually, emotionally and “golfingly” (new word?) finishes off your round. I use the word emotionally as I genuinely haven’t felt like that during any round of golf. A truely magical experience.

Golfers HQ (FB page), King Island Review, February 2017

I absolutely love how Wickham both visually, emotionally and “golfingly” (new word?) finishes off your round. I use the word emotionally as I genuinely haven’t felt like that during any round of golf. A truely magical experience.

Golfers HQ (FB page), King Island Review, February 2017

Magazine Reviews

Comments from a Top 100 Rater.

“Just back from Australia, Melbourne’s 125th anniversary and a week in Sydney. Melbourne is awesome, Kingston awesome, New South Wales such great potential, but the real discussion was about Cape Wickham among those that know much of anything.
Our group of 8 peeps had free Wednesday, so the king air was fired up and King island the destination. Universal commentary was off the charts. You guys killed it. Well done!!! Congratulations.”

Steve, USA

This is the top golf course I’ve ever played and I’ve played a number in the top 25. Great thing is I think it will get better with age.

Miles Gustafson, November 2016

Our group from Flog Golf tours just played Cape Wickham. What a treat. If there is a better course out there then let me know. Fairways where pure, greens great & the views & layout spectacular. The last 4 holes would be as good a finish to a golf course anywhere in the world. It was that good we are organising to go back twice in 2017.

Shane Jacobs, November 2016

Wow – Extraordinary – Amazing.

I have been lucky enough to play Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, Spyglass, St Andrews, County Down, Portrush, Kingsbarns, The Hills, Jacks Point etc.

Cape Wickham sits up there with them as simply one of my favorite courses ever – truly unforgettable.

Well done to you all.

Gerard Halpin, Melbourne, November 2016

Wow!! Awesome day at CW. Dramatic and exhilarating. Pure theatre. A true golfing challenge and bucket list experience.

Grant, Sydney, November 2016

Its got to be one of the most amazing golf courses, it would have to rival the New Zealand courses. I had a wonderful time on tour with Australian Golf Tours, just amazing loved every moment. The staff are great, thanks Rick for your help. Just perfect.

George Borse, October 2016

Cape Wickham is a fabulous golf course. The fescue fairways are great to hit off and the greens are quick and true. The wind, when it is up, makes the greens a real challenge, if you can hit them. Played it twice with different winds each day. It is a true Scottish experience. This is an exceptional course and deserves its rating. The admin and course staff are most helpful and added to the experience. Thank you Cape Wickham. Will return. Having played some of the better courses on the Mornington Peninsula and in Tassy, this one is better.

Mark Crosbie, October 2016

When Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf had a kid I thought to myself, “that kid is going to be one magnificent tennis player.” Your course looks like Royal Dornoch and Pebble Beach got married and had a baby, and that baby grew up to be prettier than Pebble and a better golf course than Dornoch. When you play Dornoch you play with imagination, bouncing the ball off the cush, using the hard ground and your golfing brain; being creative, having fun. When you play Pebble, you walk around awestruck at the natural beauty and wonder why no-one told you that you could see the ocean from every hole. But unlike Pebble, there are no weak holes at Cape Wickham. And unlike Dornoch, it isn’t a 40 hour commute.

I can’t wait to go back.

Shane Verner, April 2016

After playing this course I felt compelled to tell everyone who loves golf how spectacular this place is. Best views of any course in Australia by far, should easily and quickly become Australia’s number one course. Just amazing. Well done to everyone involved in this place.

Michael Button, April 2016

This is one of the most spectacular golf courses I have played anywhere in the world. Given that the course only opened 30 October, 2015, less than 5 months ago, this course is amazing. It will get better with time and in 12 months I look forward to going back for another couple of games. This is a “must play”. It has to be on your “bucket list”. The facilities are being developed and you will love the challenge, the views, the experience and the extremely hospitable staff.

Jim Hayman, March 2016

In terms of raw natural beauty, Cape Wickham is one of the great golf courses I’ve ever played. It’s right there with Royal Dornoch and Pebble Beach. Unlike Pebble, there’s no residential real estate anywhere to be seen. Only the crashing surf, wallabies and beautiful golf holes. We felt like we were in the Celestial Golf Kingdom. Debbie Fisher runs a great show. She looked after our foursome from start to finish. We were able to stay in a house near the course that was fixed up by the guys who actually built the course. Nice accommodations – clean, more than functional, comfortable, but not fancy. The food served at the small clubhouse (more like a marquis) was excellent. Every hole on the course presents challenges. The wind is a significant factor. We played three 18 hole rounds in two days, and the conditions were different for each round. We had one “calm wind” round, which helped me to reduce the amount of lost ammunition. It’s a long way to go, but for pure golf and raw physical beauty, this is as good as it gets, anywhere in the world.

Ted Jaroszewicz, February 2016

Wow… My wife and I played Cape Wickham in November 2015 on a day with a 2 club wind and a sprinkle of rain. As average golfers (GA hcps 9 and 15) and playing the course which officially opened only 2 weeks earlier, we found it to be in superb condition with well established fescue fairways and greens.

Our lingering memories are:

– The wild life seen on the drive to the course – wild turkeys, pheasants, peacocks, and wallabies.

– The atmosphere created by the remote location overlooking the Southern Ocean entrance to Bass Strait with the tallest lighthouse in the southern hemisphere standing as a dramatic sentinel visible from all parts of the course and bringing to mind the comment “that’s a lighthouse” (apologies to Crocodile Dundee).

– The course architecture is superbly crafted around the King Island coastline, and produces a fair and exhilaratingly enjoyable test of golf.

– The final 3 holes, especially the 18th, which has to be the best finishing hole in world golf … A big statement, but don’t knock it unless you’ve played it.

It’s easy to see why Cape Wickham has been rated so highly at 24 in the latest Golf Digest world rankings.

John Mackenzie, January 2016

Just finished reading the CW reviews and there is nothing more I can add that hasn’t all ready been said. What a sensational course!!

David Thyne, January 2016

Cape Wickham!!!

A stunningly, magnificently, spectacular golf experience. Congratulations on your Golf Australia Top100 debut at #5, absolutely worthy of every accolade and superlative. Look out LF, KH, BB and RM, the Cape is a’ comin’!

Also congratulations to Garry for his hole-in-one on 11, 10 mins ahead of me, first on the course.

If CW is not on your bucket list already, get out the pen and put it right up there on top, it is that good! For once, you can believe ALL the hype.

Deb and Andy are fantastic and an absolute credit to the course too.

Thanks to everyone involved, I will absolutely be back and I just hope the weather is as awesome as it was last weekend.

All the best,

Col Woodfield, December 2015

Cape Wickham!!!

A stunningly, magnificently, spectacular golf experience. Congratulations on your Golf Australia Top100 debut at #5, absolutely worthy of every accolade and superlative. Look out LF, KH, BB and RM, the Cape is a’ comin’!

Also congratulations to Garry for his hole-in-one on 11, 10 mins ahead of me, first on the course.

If CW is not on your bucket list already, get out the pen and put it right up there on top, it is that good! For once, you can believe ALL the hype.

Deb and Andy are fantastic and an absolute credit to the course too.

Thanks to everyone involved, I will absolutely be back and I just hope the weather is as awesome as it was last weekend.

All the best,

Col Woodfield, December 2015

A few comments from the sneak preview in March 2015

With our Sneak Preview now behind us, we are busy preparing for the official Opening at the end of October, 2015.


It was a great pleasure meeting you and seeing the amazing Cape Wickham. I have been telling everyone that CW will be known worldwide very soon. The secret of golf is that there are no secrets but there is beautiful endless mystery. Having seen Mike DeVries’ Kingsley Club and having in my collection both of your Planet Golf books I anticipated that CW would be remarkable, but CW seemed to me to be one of the rare few that even having seen photographs still overwhelms and once seen remains unforgettable. I would have loved to have had several more rounds at Cape Wickham indeed it seemed to present so many shot making options for every type of player that one could be quite content play CW ONLY from now on. The wonderful routing showcases the beauty of the site exquisitely, beginning with the tightrope walk along ocean bluffs before turning inward and upward to panoramic views and then again to the ocean so closely that one can taste the salt air. As with the lighthouse that presides above it all, the course beckons the player every step of the way continuing with a majestic ebb and flow to the very end.

Though I appreciate the opportunity we were given afterwards to offer suggestions, I didn’t, for two reasons 1) Cape Wickham is so spectacular that I was (still am to a certain extent) in a state of shock. 2)Though the course is newly opened and will only continue to improve as build out of infrastructure is completed, what could I have noticed on one quick play that you and Mike DeVries possibly missed? My sense is that considering the highly qualified, highly skilled and insightful parties involved in the creation of Cape Wickham that no stone has or will be left unturned to assure its maturation into the masterpiece it was always meant to be. I may have been hyperbolic in my comments but I think only slightly, indeed had I seen only Cape Wickham the trip would have still been well worth the vicissitudes of the long distance of traveling.

I recall you saying that you will be coming to the USA for a tour in the not too distant future so I’ll keep an eye on the Planet Golf website and perhaps we’ll meet again and I can get you to sign my copies of your outstanding books.

All best wishes, ”

Jeff Catlett
Sevierville,TN USA

“It is easy to see the sheer magnitude of the property up by the clubhouse. This just heightens the anticipation of actually teeing it up. From the first tee, I realized something was different: the width. There is no way you could find coastal courses (with the exception of Bandon) in the US with this much width, either because of property costs or maintenance costs. By the time you get to the second green, you realize the power of the ocean. The swells were smashing against the rocks. It was actually kind of hard to focus on hitting a golf shot. I really enjoyed the minimal use of bunkers. When used, they were very strategic. I also liked that there were some blind shots. The lighthouse makes a pretty iconic aiming point on #4.

I love how you are never too far away from the water. Where it could be easy to lose some of the momentum on the inland holes (a la Pebble Beach), I think they are some of the most interesting at Cape. The 14th is one of my favorites. The heroic carry off the tee to the punch bowl-like green. The safer the line off the tee (right), the more blind the second shot is. Cape Wickham is easily the most picturesque course I’ve ever played and probably the most fun. I think it took me 4 hours to play because I took so many pictures.

Jeff Bertch
New York, USA

“As I am sure everyone else will write, today was spectacular. We all appreciated your hospitability of hosting us there, and the course is amazing.

I will try and be as critical as I can be on the course, as I am assuming that is what you want. *grin*

Hole 1 – 10/10 Love this hole. Great opening hole. Would be nice to have some more space between black tee and practice putting green.
Hole 2 – 9/10 Great hole. Love the views as you ease into the course.
Hole 3 – 8/10 Good Hole. Probably my least favourite par 3 on the course though
Hole 4 – 7/10 Good Hole. Don’t remember it much to be honest J
Hole 5 – 7/10 Good Hole. Just found it a little less interesting than other par 4’s. But with different wind, would be a different hole.
Hole 6 – 8/10 Really good hole. Great options as a par 5, tough green to hit. Wind direction would really change this hole.
Hole 7 – 9/10 Great Par 3. Down wind was a tough club selection.
Hole 8 – 9/10 A great blind tee shot. Massive landing area, and a tough, uphill green. Love this hole!
Hole 9 – 10/10 – Sensational Par 5. Just has everything you want from a par 5.
Hole 10 – 10/10 – Superb par 4 with views to beat NSW 5th. Seems more ‘doable’ than NSW 5th as well to get it over the ridge and running down. Great Green.
Hole 11 – 9/10 – Awesome Par 3, feeling of waves splashing on your face is special. Tougher walk to Black 12 tee
Hole 12 – 8.5/10 – Really good hole and likely a 9 or 10, once I can see how it plays with the proper fairway, to see how balls land and hold. Great green!
Hole 13 –
Hole 14 –
Hole 15 –
Hole 16 – 8.5/10 – Brutal hole for length, as driver/driver required for single figure handicappers today to make green. Awesome hole though, we should have played off closer tee *grin*
Hole 17 – 9/10 – Awesome final short hole. Lots of risk and reward for shaping a shot.
Hole 18 – 10/10 – Perfect finishing hole. Nothing more to say.”

Loren Justins, Royal Queensland Member

“I am a member at Kingston Heath. I have played at a lot of golf courses in Australia and overseas. Cape Wickham is an incomparable golfing experience. It is by a wide margin the best golf course I have ever had the privilege to play.”

David Brown

“Some of the most spectacular views from a golf course in the world! Great holes with a real challenge – spent as much time taking phots as I did playing golf.”

Leeanne Amrose

“Mr Andrews,

So nice to meet you last week and have dinner with somebody who’s passion for the game closes in on my own.

What you have done is every “wanna be” architects dream, be able to build your own courses and make that into a business of passion..congratulations on that alone.

The Cape is a very special place a jewel in anybody’s crown, it won’t take long for all the accolades to come rolling in, but remember this is your baby nurture it and enjoy it, every single minute of its growth and wallow in its success.

We had such a marvellous time, on our next visit we will certainly be spending more days on King Island!!!

The work that the three of you did on that land is remarkable. Sure it is a great piece of land but Mikes design is perfect, a great combination of risk reward, various playing lanes to those not able or not willing to be brave, non-excessive bunkering and greens that anybody can play yet are challenging to all.

It is very difficult to produce a course that everybody can play yet challenges the best players, Cape Wickham links does that.

The nuances in and around the greens will make scoring low very difficult, yet those same features will not affect the everyday player from having a great day.

Just a delight….thanks for being there to share the experience with
All the best”

Michael Wharton-Palmer
Arkansas, USA

“Exceptional experience, fantastic course, stunning setting, player friendly but very challenging – I think Barnbougle has competition. Congratulations on a fantastic course.”

Rob Acquroff
Kingston Heath Member

“Absolutely fantastic. Have played all over Aussie would be the best layout and scenic course I have ever played.”

Laurie Munday
Former 3 handicapper

“Easily the most amazing golfing experience! I thought the front nine was great, but the finishing holes are unbelievable.”

Peter Chappell

Some other Sneak Preview Comments….

“My husband and I have played golf courses that are rated in the top ten in the world and the USA. Cape Wickham Links truly is the most beautiful course we have ever seen. It is a masterpiece. Congratulations and thanks for building it!”

Sheela Bertoldi, River Landing Golf Club, USA, USA

“Thanks Duncan for the opportunity to play the Course today. I have played all over the world and I rate this course as good as anything I have played. Absolutely awesome, breathtaking views”

Justin O’Brien, Australia

“Spectacular location, good look (natural to environment), wonderful routing. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Jim Simmons, Stonewall, USA

“Great course layout, amazing views, challenging but rewarding. As a high handicapper enjoyed the experience and will be back.”

Jim Cooper, Australia

“Very fair placement of ladies tees. Great use of a beautiful piece of property and holes were very natural looking. Bunkering was very natural, great green complexes. Enjoyable and playable course for all levels of golfers.”

Liana Chirichella, Hamilton Farm Golf Club, USA

“Unbelievable vistas, great shot making required. I love the way the whole clock is used directionally to take advantage of wind conditions.”

Tom Paskins, Berkeley Hall, USA

“Absolutely fantastic, easily in top 3 courses in Australia…Thank you for developing this property!”

Nick Tuddenham, Australia

“Golfers tend to want to compare courses they have played, some all over the world. There is nothing to compare C.W.L to – anywhere. A true “awesome” golf experience.”

Sue Hennessy, USA

“Absolutely had a brilliant day. Golf course is spectacular and truly unique to Australia, more akin to Irish links. All involved have done an outstanding job – congratulations. Will be back to take it on again when it opens. Holes 9-12 – brilliant and they are all good especially the finish 16-18.”

Justin Shanley, Kingston Heath Golf Club, Australia

“For women, this course is a joy to play. Not having to hit over the rough makes for an enjoyable game. The holes have great variety and interest set off by the most stunning setting in a wild and remote location – fabulous. I hope to come back when it is completed.”

Jenny Campbell, Australia

“Breathtaking views, great layout. May need some clearer signage around 6 and 13? Will definitely recommend to all people I speak to. Can’t wait to see it all again next year!” (Ed note – Signage has since been fixed)

Aaron Cuthbertson, Australia

“Very enjoyable, will be excellent when finished. View in Top 10 in the world. Will be back.”

Neil Towns, Australia

“The aspect is simply awesome, incomparable. Cart tracks rather challenging. Greens true, a little slow but forgiving. Excellent placement of bunkers. More picturesque than Barnbougle and The National combined.”

Jonathan Goode, Bronte, Australia

“Having just completed our second round here, I can’t wait to come back when fully developed. A spectacular location. The 18th is the best hole I’ve played. With accommodation we’d stay for sure.”

Drew Forrest, Australia

“Magnificent course, great views and testing holes. One happy local will definitely come back.”

Kerry Toons, Australia

“Beautiful location, stunning scenery and an outstandingly designed golf course makes for the most fun golfing experience I can remember! Forget Pebble Beach, Barnbougle or any of the Scottish links and come to Cape Wickham instead. Well worth the trip!”

Moray Wilson, Scotland

“Good morning Darius,

WOW, congratulations on producing a simply wonderful golf course.

The stretches of 9 – 12 and 14 – 18 are simply stunning golf holes, I add that although the site is spectacular the routing and design of the holes is also top shelf. Flying back last night I was working through my thoughts:

What makes it so special

Yes, the water side holes are amazing, however it is the link holes such as 6, 8, 13 are also very good holes. 7 as an inland par 3 is just gorgeous.

The chipping areas around greens are amazing, the lack of traditional bunkers around greens will make the course very playable for all levels of player while still providing an interesting and varied challenge for better players, a couple of times we hit shots just off line and had so many options for recovery.

The use of the rocky / sand stone out crops, on 7 and 9.

Walking down 9 past the sand stone out crop just short of the green is a beautiful setting and to have worked it into the routing adds so much.

A lot of ocean courses you play have 7 / 8 great holes on the water, thinking Teeth of the Dog, thinking Pebble but the inland holes let it down, at Cape Wickham the inland holes are all top shelf with maybe only 8 being slightly less that great.

There may be a few holes where an extra forward tee between shortest men’s and red tees would make a massive difference for shorter players and into some winds.

I know it is only preview rounds, I do hope that the tee markers becomes a better match for the course, little light houses?

Picky I know

Kind regards”

Andrew Bertram
Head Professional, Yarra Yarra Golf Club

“Great course. Best I have played!!!”
Adrian Weiljens

“Keep on doing what you are doing. Time is all this course needs. Will become one of the best links courses in the world. Thank you for the experience.

Allan Mawer

“Love the bunkering. Incredible layout. Distance markers would be handy.”
John Cross

“I thought it was fantastic. Holes had a lot of variety, magnificent ocean views and golf friendly enough that a hacker like myself could enjoy it.”
Rod Graham

“Most courses have a couple of signature holes; every hole on this course is a signature hole. An amazing experience, thank you.”
Rob Bowen

“Great layout. World class. Views to die for. Will Spread the word”
Ben Duncan

“Scenic setting is extraordinarily beautiful, fairways are easy to find and follow, although a few signs regarding distances to pin along the side of the fairway wouldn’t go amiss.”

Jonathan Stewart

“This will be ranked as one of the great golf courses of the world and one you should play. Play before you die. Can only get better and is already outstanding.”

John Byrne

“Fantastic experience, will only get better with time. Loved the back 9 holes in particular. Plenty of short grass which made it fun to play without losing too many balls!”

Rod Tatt

“Great course, the holes on the sea, sensational. Will be great, as good as I have played. Debra terrific.”

Ken Ferguson

“Played for second time today – even better than the first. Destined for top 10 in world.”

R Acquroff

“The Course is one of the greatest cliff type in the world. Kauri Cliffs etc, great terrain, clever alignment of the fairways to the green; fairways undulating to provide challenges everywhere. It will be an icon of Australian Golf. A must see by all golfers.”

Peter Sherman

Pure links golf just 40 minutes from Melbourne