Course Designers

Mike DeVries

Darius Oliver

Mike DeVries is based in Michigan, USA. Visit DeVries Designs. Mike spent months on site in the early days developing and planning the layout. Cape Wickham is one of those wonderful natural sites where there are literally hundreds of potential golf holes. The great dilemma was to extract the best layout which was also consistent with the owner’s requirement that this be pure golf – easily walkable with each hole flowing from one to the next.

Local Australian golf aficionado, Darius Oliver collaborated with Mike on the design of the course and supported Mike while he was in the USA. Darius is the author of a number of golf books including Planet Golf. He also operates the popular Planet Golf web site. It was Darius who recognised the potential of the site and convinced both previous owner Duncan Andrews and Mike to get involved. All three believe that the Cape Wickham site is the best for golf they have ever seen.


Pure links golf just 40 minutes from Melbourne